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Beyond Victory with Nico Rosberg

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In a world where extreme competition exists everywhere, what does that it take to have success in your career and in life? Join me, Nico Rosberg, as I sit down with some of the world's most successful individuals to discover the secrets to their success, what continues to drive them, and to hear a few exclusive stories in the process.

Boyan Slat: Cleaning the Ocean of Plastic – Episode 18

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How to rid the oceans of plastic? Boyan Slat strives for the solution! He's the founder and CEO of "The Ocean Cleanup" – aiming to clean up 90% of ocean plastic pollution. At the age of 25, he leads a company with about 100 employees.

I am really impressed by Boyan's story, his leadership and for tackling one of our major environmental issues, which many say is unsolvable.

We met in Davos at the World Economic Forum. In my podcast Boyan shared his passion for environmental engineering and his solution on how to solve our environmental issues and the ocean plastic pollution. Their beta version recently proved successful in the great pacific garbage patch. The mission was completed and first plastic has arrived on shore. The Ocean Cleanup also aims to solve the cause of the problem – that's why "The Interceptor" was developed catching plastic pollution in rivers across the world. In September 2020 they will launch the first product made out of the collected plastic – check it out here:

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