Beyond Victory with Nico Rosberg

Beyond Victory with Nico Rosberg

The personal secrets behind success in life, from the world's most successful individuals

In a world where extreme competition exists everywhere, what does that it take to have success in your career and in life? Join me, Nico Rosberg, as I sit down with some of the world's most successful individuals to discover the secrets to their success, what continues to drive them, and to hear a few exclusive stories in the process.

Daniel Ricciardo: 7x Grand Prix Winner, The Honey Badger - Episode 11

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Daniel Ricciardo, the honey badger, joined me on the latest episode of my Beyond Victory podcast to talk about his F1 career, his biggest challenges and adversities, as well as his move from Red Bull to Renault. We had a few battles when we were competitors and we speak about this too!

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CynDy Parker
by CynDy Parker on
Nico, well done! Have followed F1 & Indy racing most of my life. As a little girl, I collected books about racing drivers and when I had the amazing opportunities to meet some of them, even had them sign my books! I’ve always assumed that most racers at some point must view life in inspired ways... otherwise how can you all do what you do so eloquently? Does seem that higher awareness, goodness and a collective sharing is evolving, thankfully. Your perspectives & honesty are so appreciated. Daniel Ricardo is an amazing human-thank you for bringing him on. And please continue your great work. You are making a positive difference by just being you & all you are doing.

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